About Dielli Jewelry


When Dielli Jewelry was founded in 2019, it embarked on a journey to make a difference in the jewelry industry by exclusively using natural diamonds and precious colored stones, prioritizing quality and elegance. The founders, bringing together 20 years of professional experience, embraced the mission of creating unique designs that push the boundaries of jewelry art from their headquarters in Nuruosmaniye - Grand Bazaar.


Our unique approach to jewelry design aims to cater to the individual tastes and needs of each of our clients by offering custom-made products. At the same time, we introduce a fresh perspective to the jewelry world with our original designs. Each piece of Dielli Jewelry emerges as a synthesis of exquisite craftsmanship and creative design, transforming our jewelry into a natural piece of art with the naturalness and rarity of each stone used.


Our goal is to offer our customers, who pursue quality and elegance, the most stylishly prepared jewelry that can symbolize enduring and meaningful moments. Our collections aim for a perfect harmony of modern lines with classical beauty, featuring designs that complement every style and accompany life's special moments.


Dielli Jewelry stands out in the jewelry industry with its passion for creating unique and personalized jewelry by using only high-quality materials and always prioritizing customer satisfaction. With this vision and passion, we invite our valued customers to discover the original designs of Dielli Jewelry and to enrich your jewelry collection with us.



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