When will my order be delivered to the cargo company? In how many days will the custom-made products that I have requested and / or requested changes or additions be ready for delivery?

Non-special design products are delivered to the cargo within 3 to 5 working days to be delivered to the customer.

Shipping of special designs varies between 14 and 20 working days.


What are the payment options?

If you wish, you can benefit from the payment option in installments via Wire Transfer or Eft to our contracted bank account. (how many installments will be determined)


Can you do custom design?

We turn the jewelery dreams of our valued customers into reality by our expert designers.

The production phase of special designs varies between 14 and 20 working days.


I have repair problems such as ring size change or stone falling, what should I do?

It is the responsibility of our valued customers to determine the ring size. Pursuant to Article 15 of the Distance Contracts Regulation, there is no right of withdrawal (right of cancellation and return) in ring orders, depending on legal conditions, since the ring size is custom-made.

In the event that our customers, who have added the wrong ring size to their orders, request a change in size, the cost of the measurement repair and the shipping fee are reflected to our customers.

(The size of the full ring and some of the stone rings requires remanufacturing depending on the design of the product, so the repair fee is reflected as the cost of reproduction.)

For our products whose stone has fallen within 3 months from the date of purchase of the product, after our experts have examined the product and concluded that it has not been subjected to any impact or crushing, and that the ring size has not been made outside of our company, we wear the stones of a total of 0.01 to 0.05 carats free of charge under warranty.

After the product is delivered, the stone set and the product will be delivered as a result of the fact that the product has been subjected to any impact or crushing, and the ring size of our products made outside of our company, the missing diamond stones are reflected as an additional fee.



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